Please reserve by phone:
10:00 〜 17:00 OPEN
Please reserve by phone: 0467-33-5567
10:00 〜 17:00 OPEN

IMAKOJI Rentals Plan

Kamakura Kimono Stroll

Premium Kimono Course

Glamorous Furisode Course

Modish Hakama Course

Summer Yukata Stroll

IMAKOJI Features

Our kitsuke professionals style you in traditional, authentic kimono.
Hair Styling※
Hair salon “Pacific Blue” collaborates with Imakoji, arranging your hair to harmonize with your selected kimono.
Come as you are!
Our full line of accessories assures that your selected kimono will be perfectly and authentically accentuated.
Kimono Selection
Choose your favorite from over 200 kimono and experience the joy of coordinating it with an irresistible obi and accessories.

Kimono Gallery


TEL・CONTACT US  0467-33-5567
  • ADDRESS|〒248-0011 1-1-29 Ogigayatsu, Kamakura Kanagawa
  • TEL|0467-33-5567 MAIL |
  • |Arriving by car
    Imakoji is located within PACIFIC BLUE Hair Salon. When approaching from Yokohama-Yokosuka Road, proceed toward Kamakura from the Asahina Interchange. Continue along Asahina Pass to downtown Kamakura. Turn right at the Ninotorii traffic light, cross Komachi-dori, and cross the railroad tracks. The shop is located at the large intersection beyond the railroad tracks, on the far corner to your left. Paid parking is available nearby.
  • |Arriving by train
    Take the West Exit out of JR Kamakura Station and stay to the right of the small traffic circle, continuing straight to the first intersection. Turn right and walk 300 meters until you see the Aizawa Securities sign to the left. Imakoji is located within the PACIFIC BLUE Hair Salon located just past the sign.